post-concert glow

Oh yes, what a goooood good time.

Okay, first off, let me just say how lame I am. I wasn’t sure if they were going to let cameras in or not, and rather than just pretend it’s my phone in my back pocket or leave it in my purse to be searched and discovered, I decided, well, hey. I have a big frumpy beanie on that sticks up off my head a little. I’ll hide it under there! No one ever pats you down there, anyways, right?


There were two bouncers and a ticket taker at the door, all smiles and very nice and crackin’ jokes across the line to each other and making quips to the audience filing in. The first one takes a quick peek in my purse as I shuffled by, the ticket taker took my ticket, and the second bouncer, who was no joke like ten feet tall says, “Nothing under that hat now, do ya darlin’?”


And he must have just thought I was just the cutest little thing in the world because he just stuck his hand right out there to give me a little pat on the head and a hair ruffle. But wait! What is this?

“No you say? Heh! Well you sure do have something under there!” He laughed as his curious hand instinctively clamped down on my camera.

AWwww MAN! I thought I was screwed, or at least going to be told to walk all the way back to my car down the dark eastside streets to drop off my camera. But the gatos were out of their bolsas and I had to come clean. “awww dang.. uhh… yeahhhhhhh ummm that would be my camera sorrryyyyyyyy!!!”

But!!!!! The guy smiled and was like “OH! haha well as long as it’s not a flask or a knife or something. Just don’t flash the musicians or anything haha! Wow that was good! I wasn’t expecting that! hahahahaha Here lemme fix your hat…”

Soo… haha!

Anyways, I took a seat instead of staking out at the front. Also there was a really random band that Edward Sharpe and their opener (Los Chiefs I think they were called [“from LA!”]) had found the night before in San Francisco. There were a couple guitars, a really bomb fiddler, and a jimbaye I think. All around they were pretty good. Sue me, but I wasn’t really digging the female vocalist but hey! They were going really well and getting the crowd in a really good mood, too (sidenote: check out all those double o’s back there <–)



who is sitting across the aisle from me?

Alex Ebert himself, the lead singer.

DAMN now I wish I had my freaking mannequin leg with me! I mean, I swear that guy would have let me in too! But now I am wrought with indecision. To talk to him or not to talk to him? What would I even say? Besides, Los Chiefs (from LA!) had started so I wouldn’t be able to hear practically anything he would say anyways. He looked like he was just chillin anyways. Don’t want to bother him or anything.

Either way, he got up and went backstage a few minutes later anyways (darnit!).

Finally, at about 9:30, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros finally took the stage!

It was kind of crazy to see them live, and it made me like them more, or at least maybe understand more why I’m so captivated by them. People say that their music is “happy hippie bluegrass,” but I don’t really get that at all. I feel like they’re not just “happy hippies,” but more people who somehow still believe in love and wholeness despite the fact that there’s really still a lot of f’d up shit in the world.

But speaking of hippies, this place was swarming with ’em! Haha. And yeah, the band members are all really, really kind and personable. I mean, hey, they brought “just a few people can come up here if you really want to for this last song, and then we’ll all sit down together, even the ones without seats” ….

But I got into this whole mood of “UGH. People are so DUMB!” because, here Alex is trying to make this really intimate and inclusive setting for the final song, Brother (which is a lot quieter and subdued than the other driving dancing songs), and then everyone decides they’re going to just mob the stage and just take myspace shots of themselves and talk and wave to the audience and jump around in excitement… take note of blonde beezy up there. Gah I just get so pissed because I feel like people are abusing our city’s guests’ kindness for some self gratifying souvenirs.

Disclaimer: remember this is just one cynic’s opinion.

But on a lighter note, I also tapped more into how much Alex Ebert is a story teller, and what’s interesting to see in person is how I feel like he kind of lives in his stories a little bit, along with his girlfriend and fellow vocalist, Jade Castrinos. Just from observation, I feel like the beautiful Jade definitely doesn’t live in our reality. Did you see in the video that swaying singing little sprite? The tiny charm who (though you can’t tell for my crappy video quality) has some gnarly amazing blow-your-mind pipes?

It was so strange and mesmerizing to watch her. As a general trend, I tend to always be stoked off of a really strong female vocalist. I think what I had always like just from hearing her on the album, a classic sounding, but very empowering voice… I don’t know it was just weird but cool at the same time to see her live! I’ve never been more curious about a person ever. Where does she come from? It’s pretty obvious not Earth. Who is she? What does she believe? During one of the breaks she asked “Does anyone know of like a tree swing or a rope swing into a river around here?”

What was really fun was when they played their biggest hit, “Home.” Before the bridge all of a sudden the whole place was thrown off guard as the fiddler from before the show somehow appeared on the shoulders of one of the audience members (which I found out later was none other than MASON! from 3mile) in front, playing along! He was getting carried closer and closer to the stage, until finally the Alex and Jade were grabbing him and helping him up! They were both so surprised they forgot the words for a bit! hahahaha! But it was so sick because they were so nice about it and had him do a little solo right in the middle of the song… AND god I swear that fricken fiddler had fire fingers or something he was SOOO GOOD! Gad the concert in general was SO good– it’s like I was watching people who aren’t part of this planet, and am catching a glimpse of where they come from and get to participate in it a little bit for a little while.

Anyways, after the show I DID get to talk to the band a little bit! I told them directions to the rope swing up highway 9 yeaahhh! I debated mentioning that I had a mannequin leg at home for them but…. nah. Next time I guess haha.


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