three times is enough

Got caught  in the rain three times today. THREE times.

case 1:

on the way to 3mile farm to drop off a handboard and find a geocache, I turn into a gnar-town headwind and begin the trek. Then it starts to drizzle, big whoop. THEN it begins to downpour, alllrighty then. And THEN, I am pelted by hail. Screw you very much, El Niño!

case 2:

just got my jacket out of Ted’s dryer, and on the way back from 3mile farm during a break in the rain, I stop at New Leaf to stockpile snacks for tomorrow (in the event that the protest turns to riot and the dining halls are closed). Upon leaving, it’s started downpouring again. So cold, so over it.

case 3:

coming out of class tonight, in a change of clothes and a new jacket. My rainboots are starting to give me blisters. It’s slightly raining, but as I step outside and begin the walk back to Merrill, it starts, of course, to downpour.

UGUghhhhhhh no mas!

In other news, I bought some big carrots when I was at New Leaf, and I was eating one while I was biking to the bus stop. It gave me the hiccups for some reason, and then when I did finally get on a bus I had to blow my nose. What came out? About a half a grams worth chunk of carrot. Mmmm.

In other other news, on the way back from 3mile I biked past this truck that was parked on the side of the road near Wilder. I looked in the back as I went by right before the driver closed the hatch on the camper shell, and what did I spy inside??? TONS OF THESE!!!!:

Yes my dear reader, those are wedge top beehive frames.

I hopped off my bike and was allll stoked. I asked the man if he was a beekeeper (to which he confirmed yes) and we got to briefly talking about bees and how much we love bees and how I miss my hive back home and my friend wants to start bees up here maybe. “He does?! YOU SHOULD DO IT!” the man said, and gave me his card and a (drumrolll….brmrmrmrmrmrmm) FREE JAR OF HIS LOCAL HONEY! He was on his way to a beekeeper club meeting. They meet once a month and anyone can come! April, I’m for surrreeeee going.


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