nasty ass cesspool

something is seriously wrong with my sinuses today.

See that middle section? The ethmoids? See the capillaries in there? Well I think what’s wrong is I busted a couple little capillaries up there yesterday during the rescue skills. I did a nasal rinse this morning to because everything was soo blocketd… and nasty ass blood and green gunk came out. We were only down 12 feet at the deepest part, but maybe the constant up and down of doing mock rescues and search pattern skillz broke a few of those tiny arteries. Dang, and I was all stoked I wasn’t having any trouble equalizing yesterday!

Alsooo…. we were at Cowell’s (that beach/cove area inside of the Lane). The visibility was zero… due to runoff, sea lion shiza, festering pollution… I’m sure that wasn’t helping at all. That probably accounts for the reason my body feels so achy-painy fevery today. It’s warding off the crusading bacterium!

Gah, I am sooo over being sick. I’m so tired of the chronic pain and lack of energy that comes with it. And I freaking hate my sinuses! You know that ice breaker question people ask: “If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?” and usually people are like “bla bla blaflatter abs!” or “I wouldn’t change a thing bla bla bla I’m perfect the way I am bla bla” WELL I would switch my sinuses for better ones faster than you could say achoo.

Gospel choir concert coming up! I have  a solo!!! (Don’t tell my parents though, I want to surprise them haha) A little preview:

AOHhhghhhmmmmmmmm it gets soooo good at all little after 3:00. I’m so excited… HOPEFULLY MY SINUSES WILL HEAL! come on, miracle!

In other news, daylight savings starts next week!



In other other news, we are coming into bee season! Holy shit… if Mike at three mile gets bees… I might just die of happiness.

God, I could go on and onnn about bees. But.. I’ll save you… for now. haha


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