entre lo que existe y lo que no existe


My little sister is getting glasses! For those of you who don’t know, my little sister is 10 years old and in fifth grade–funny, the same age and grade my mom was when she got the SAME prescription!

This is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve heard in my life. I’m trying to imagine what she will look like with glasses…

while we’re at it, what do any of us look like with glasses, anyways?

Hahahaha sooo jank and pixel-master! hahhaa

In OTHER newssss… got my advanced scuba card now! Cecil gave it to me because I made up two dives. I’m also technically rescue certified, too, but I still owe two dives to Cecil to be cleared. Steve is still going to let me take the Sci Diving course, though, which is sweeettttttt.

ALSOO today I got a package in the mail!It’s from Brasil!

… and so are my new lifeguarding and bodysurfing two-piece bathing suits! YEAHHH fabiola molina. Took my non-work suit for a test drive in the pool today… tão bom! Also, I did the 1000 yard with a moderate effort and felt really focused– good stroke and good yardage counting, and I did it in under 15 minutes! The lifeguard swim is this Sunday (FFFFFml), but this is the most prepared I’ve felt about it– ever!

ALSO… after the pool I got on my mountain bike and went to go find the ocean… through the upper campus forest! What a beautiful (although FREEZING as crap) adventure through wilder state park and it’s meadows and hills and fields and groves of trees and streams… mmmmm…!! finally came out to the cliffs overlooking the coastline and could see for MILES and MILES up the coast and down, alllll the way across the bay and sooooo far out to sea. Absolutely beautiful. Took a nice little break up there and munched on a big carrot from new leaf. Mmmmm again!


feeling a lot better today! weeeoooo! adios!


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