si fueras un animal, cuál serías?

The sun has been OUT!

I swear in a past life I must have been some primary producing sea creature… every time the sun gets out and warms everything up… I get SO much shit done.

Example. Two days ago.

  • wake up before my alarm at 9:30
  • up and dressed, stat.
  • food
  • bike down the hill with my 9 footer Gordita
  • surf for like TWO hours
  • bike alllll the way back up the hill with gordita
  • eat/shower/clean up
  • bike BACK down the hill to farmers market
  • come BACK up
  • write an essay
  • dinner
  • class
  • shakespeare behind bars workshop
  • study bio/ genetics
  • asleep by 12:30

SO legit.

AND, surfing was soooo good. I went with this really cool girl named Bri that I actually met out at steamers, and even though I started out reallly slow and sucking, I eventually started catching a bunch of waves at indicators yyeaah!

THEN, when I went up to my bike and started changing out of my wetsuit… I justtttt happened to look out to sea, when alll of a sudden, here comes leaping this huge, fatty, granddad WHALE, compleettelllyyy out of the water outside the surf! SO close to shore!!!

I think it might have been a gray whale. This guy started talking to me about how the gray whales and blue whales like to come really close to shore when they’re going by because orcas like to wait for them in the deep parts of the monterey bay where the canyon is so they can eat their babies. At first I was like whhaattt orcas in Monterey Bay??? But, then I remembered bio20c from last year where they had this example of top-down trophic control where when Alaska had that horrible oil spill, it killed off a lot of orca food. So, more orcas than usual came down here and started preying on the otters. So, with less otters around, the sea urchins like took over, eating up alllll the kelp and creating huuuuuge urchin barrens in the bay where NOTHING grows. Sketttch.

Haha yesterday was pretty good too! Except mayyybe…. I was less like an autotroph and more like a lizard in the sun haha.

First! Had this gnar gnar genetics workshop in bio class that got me 10 free points on my final next week. I randomly worked with this girl, and we were talking afterword and she was like “oh my god look at this boy I’m obsessed with!” and she shows me

And I was like “Oh yeah cool whatever….. WHAT THE WAIT HOLY FUCKIN SHIT THAT’S PAUL MARTINO!”

soooo good!

Next I went to my final Our Changing Planet section and presented our group project on ocean acidification and turned in my final paper (which was one of my best papers, I would say!)

Our TA jon <3’d it. YEAahhhh.

THEN, I decided since it was so nice out, I didn’t feel like biking all the way back up the hill again, and I also didn’t want to drive my car anywhere, that I would put my wetsuit and fins in my crate and bike up to 3mile and spend this glorious day just body surfing the shorepound and basking in the warm sun and get all tan and bla de bla de bla.

So, I load up with my last bit of whole wheat pita bread and spicy roast bell pepper hummus, and make the trek.

It WAS beautiful out, but it definitely was still pretty dang cold at the beach! I laid out my towel, lay down and ate the rest of my food, stayed there gazing at the perfect little inside waves and looking out for some more whales to go by… wanted to go bodysurfing but…



for an hour and a half!!!!

I woke up and it was after 3 oclock, I had snot running down my face, I was freeeezing cold, and was like “well, so much for body surfing!” and started heading back in to town. I stopped off at the farm for a bit though and hung out with Tedderous before getting blown back into town on the tail wind.

And, again,



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