“Hey remember that time when you got locked in the bathroom?”


this freakin girl Erin Hernandez is SOOOOO gnarly! When she got up and sang the random practice on Sunday just as a sort of “warm up” to soloing on stage, we were all like…. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with wide eyes and gaping mouths. No words. THEN when we had the dress rehearsal as she took the stage the WHOLE choir was like “phheeewwww” and lookin at each other and being like “ho ho…my gad..” because we all knew she was going to throw down some serrriooousss gnar. SO here she is in all her glory!

AND of course, THE most soulful of the soul sistas, Rosa Linda Dewaard. GOD I freakin love Rosa. I introduced her to my mom and mom was like “Oh my goawd honey, aren’t you freezing in here with no sweater on or anything?” And Rosa was like “Uhhhh ACTUALLY yaaa it’s really fuckin’ cold in here!” And then she immediately clasped her hand over her mouth and was like “AHH ummm ahhh yeah I’m sorry uhhhh language uhhh.” It was sooooooooooooo good! Hahaha I”m sure my mom was shocked but… whatever she laughed about it and she would swear all the time if she didn’t feel so guilty about it! So, without further adieu, Rosa:

Oh and I did one too!

I felt really bad when I went to auditions because the guy Nikolas who sings before me had JUST auditioned for this song and then I stood up and Valerie Joi was like “So, which song do you want to audition for?” and I was like “uhhhhhhhhhmmmspeaktomyheartsorryyyyyyyyyy!!!” But he was really chill about it and was like “oh my goawd I would srslyyyy not mind splitting a solo with you, such powerrrr!” God, that song is sooo good too. It pretty much just describes my first days back at school this quarter, and not knowing whether to take a leave of absence or just drop out or stay or go or what have you.

And  THANK YOU RORY for taking the videos (AND COMING!!!) and DILLON for letting Rory borrow your camera!!! :D!

Next day it was a looonnnggggggg ass drive down to EE EN SEE! Wooo was stoked to make it down before the sun set and the FIRST thing I did was jump in the ocean at Beacons and swim around without fins!

  1. I was stoked that I didn’t feel really tired or choked swimming in my spring suit
  2. I felt really strong in the water!!!
  3. I was bodysurfing really well!
  4. IT FELT SOOO WARM (well, maybe not warm but… hey, you notice a difference when you go from cold days and 52 degree water to sunshine and 57.)

I dropped Rory off at his house and it was SO good because when we walked inside his dad had THE freaking randomest song on EVER and was dancing around like a ballerina to it and Rory and I were like “what the….hell?” and then his mom was like “It’s Cockles and Mussels!!!!!” which is what Rory played and sang for his piano final. HAHHA so good.

They were so kind and invited me out to dinner but… holy smokes I was sooooo tired. Beyond sleepy. All I wanted to do was just go to my house (where there was NO ONE) and just sit on the couch and eat food and go to sleep. I got a bomb carne asada from Rico’s like old times and curled up on the couch with mass hot sauce and Top Gun. Take my breath awayyyyyyy-ay-ay-ayyyyyyy-ay-ay-ayyyyyyyyyyyyy-ay-ay-ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Could NOT fall asleep though. Nervous. Restless. Hot. Cold. Hot. Really Hot. Cold. Hot again. and then I could NOT stop coughing. I scrounged the whole house searching for cough drops or nyquil or SOMETHING, but eventually ended up eating spoonfulls of honey– which actually WORKED, I’ll have you know!

Set three alarms to thwart daylight savings time from thwarting me, and picked Rory up for the swim at 8 to make it there by 8:10.

This is ponto on a similar looking day. Sunday was a bit more choppy and mixed up but... ya still good.


So remember how nervous I get over this stupid swim test? See previous post.

WELLllll, this mornin’ I had to poop, I’ll have you know! So I get Rory to walk with me alll the way over to the bathrooms in the Ponto Parking lot, and I go inside a stall, flip the lock, do my business… and I go to unlock the door, but it




yes, I was locked in the bathroom. and yes, I started crying! HAHAHAHAHAHA. I was like “roryyyyyyy????” and knocked on the door a couple times. Rory came over and was like “Katie. You’re stuck in the bathroom aren’t you.” and I was all sad and just like “yeeahhhh….. D: ”  Rory tried jerking it from the outside, but to no avail.

So Rory tells me to wait there (haha good one) while he runs over to the parking booth to maybe find keys. WELL, there was no one in there so he started running back over to the lifeguards to get help. While I was waiting and crying and feeling defeated, I looked for other ways out… and there were none… not unless I wanted to climb the walls, and break the skylight to climb out. In a fit of rage I started kicking and punching and shaking the door (which I had already tried earlier), and for some reason the lock decided to open! AND THE DOOR OPENED! And the sunlight streamed in! And there was fresh air!

screw you very much, second stall from the left! you and your open door of DECEIT!

And I bolted the hell out of there! Haha it was seriously the most glorious moment of my LIFE. Definitely up there with the time when we finally made it back alive to the fire road after getting spooked by forest-dwellers of upper campus in the night.

And THEN the swim happened! Funny, I actually didn’t hear the starting call. I just saw people running and Rory was behind me laughing “Katie, GO!”

What was great was that all nervousness subsided when I entered the water because it felt soooo goooood. I could see that I was keeping up with the group, I felt that I had made a really good entrance into a rip that was sweeping me out, and even though there was some swell it was more fun than anything. I ended up swimming wayyyy too far to the north and had to double back more than I needed too, but it’s allll good. I rounded the bouy after what seemed like forever, but still feeling good, and then caught a huuuuge outsider and body surfed it for a while. SO fun. GOD, I miss body surfing so much. When I catch a wave, I seriously feel soo good sliding down the face of the wave and feeling it break on me. Mmmm my favorite.

They didn’t record my official time but Rory said I probably made it in about 18 minutes, maybe a little before! LEGIT!

Then I got to guard the rookie swim and play in the waves some more, and then had some random training on radios, c-spines, and beach driving and got paid for a full SIX HORAS!!! yeeeaaaaaa!

It was nice to be around lifeguards again, too. I feel like they have such a cool sense of humor and general outlook on life. One of the guys was like “So Kaitlin I heard you presided over some dead guy in Huntington!”

And I was like “umm… well not exactly… I saw some kid get stabbed in Santa Cruz.. and I watched him die, too.”

And he was like “Whoa man, who did it?”

“A gang, but the kid wasn’t a gang member though.”

“How old was he?”

“Sixteen, he was stabbed sixteen times, too.”

“Geeze, well do you have to go to court?”

“Nah, probably not, well… maybe. SOMEday down the line… but my friends probably will though. I had pretty gnarly tunnel vision so they were the ones who saw more than I did.”

“You saw the whole thing go down?”

“Yeah, well, kinda. We were driving by in a car and we saw a bunch of people running and I saw one person go down and start getting beat so I was like ‘we have to go back I’m a lifeguard’ haha ‘I can help!'”

“HAHA, yeah uhhh I can stick a finger in your stab wound! Plug it maybe! Hahaha”

“Well, yeah I thought there would maybe be a broken arm or nose or something haha.”

“Yeah, of course. Well, dang. That’s unfortunate.”

I don’t know, I feel like just reading the conversation sounds really weird and rash but… I don’t know. It was nice to hear my “colleagues” and friends already know about it without me having to really explain myself, and it really made the whole thing not seem so huge and tormenting.

Rory and I made the trek back to SLO that afternoon/night. I was sooooo beyond tired. When we got to the slo house I felt so bad that I didn’t want to do ANYTHING but sleep. I literally walked in the door, brushed my teeth, stole a blanket, and curled up on the couch and closed my eyes. I hadn’t felt so sleep deprived in yeearrrsss. But I woke up bright n’ early again this morning and drove back to Santa Cruz!


  1. I HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN ACCEPTED TO THE MARINE ECOLOGY FIELD QUARTER!!!!!! I got an email today about it! WOO! I am soooo beyonddd stoked. I thought that either I wasn’t going to get in, or maybe they’d call me in for a second interview, and maybe I’d get in after the second interview, but probably not. BUT I am IN!!!! We’re going to Corsica, France for a month and LOOK AT WHERE WE FREAKIN STAY!I am seriously going to be living the Life Aquatic.

    I swear that's frickin' Corsica in the background!

  2. My TA loved my groups Ocean Acidification project SO much, that he showed it to our professor, who loved it SO MUCH that he showed it to the entire class tonight at our final lecture! So, again:

But, some bad news:

My dive computer is dead dead. I called Oceanic and they were like “wellllll since you have the ORIGINAL original model, it was actually discontinued in 2001, and we ran out of parts for it in 2003…” SO my options are

  1. Pay oceanic 370 bucks to put new updated hardware inside and never see it again (at least for like a month or something)
  2. **hopefully** borrow a computer for free ninety nine from UCSC at least for the class
  3. Buy a new computer (the atomic bomb of my money)
  4. Find a cheap ass pressure and depth gauge to stick on there, and a cheaper ass watch that can go down kinda deep.

So we shall see.

In a closing note: damn, why does it have to get SO nice out during FINALS week. I mean, lets be honesto here.


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