look what came in the maaaaail todayyy!

that, dear reader, is mah bee veil. STOKED out of my miiiinnndddd!


I actually might still chop the top in half though, diminish the weight of that big heavy tard by 1/2.

And you may have noticed the lack of legs. THATS because Ted  found and old table and that’s going to work out way better/sturdier.


Here’s what is looks like inside:

Look at that legit top bar, too. MMMHMMM

Now alls I need me is some sistahs!


Today Muriel and I went to the Seymour Center today so I could quickly do a Bio lab worksheet… when we were leaving, I was riding along the road that leads out of the Long Marine Lab parking lot and a saw this little garter snake slipping across the road crazily. I stopped and started yelling at it being like “HEY-Ooooo little snakey snake! Whatcha doin?!?!?! Whereya goin’ little guy?!?!” And apparently Muriel didn’t see it and thought that I had just stopped to start screaming at the ground or something, so she keeps riding forward, ALMOST RUNNING OVER THE SNAKE but she saw it at the last second and was like


and the snake was still determined to move forward so it started trying to LEAP over her bike or something I dont know what the hell it was thinking, but I just started yelling too because I thought it was going to gt caught in Muriel’s spokes so I was like


and then the snake started GOIN FREAKIN CRAZY AND SPAZZING OUT TOO because it was like “WTF BIKKKEEE SLASH LOUD NOISESSS!” and started screaming too like


and nipping at Muriel’s heels.

then this guy randomly walks by as we’re still screaming and it like “HA HA HA goawwddd”

It was pretty much the most glorious/funniest/intensest moment of my LIFE. and probably that snakes too. I can’t account for Muriel because she’s a black belt in Tai Chi so she probably has come across waaay more intense moments than that when she’s out killin’ shit, but… maybe.


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