don’t stop BEElieeevin’! hold on to that feeeeeelin!

was it annie lennox who with the eurythmics sang “Sweet dreams are made of bees?”


OOOhhhhhkay whereeee to start!

HOW ABOUT yesterday.

Yesterday I woke up at 6am after raaggginnnggggggg with Dillon and Lizzie!

JUST KIDDING. But I did walk into a random person’s house with them who happened to be be having a party. One of the girls came over and was telling us this story about how “even a BLACK man said dat I got a booty!” And I was like “WAITOMFG have you ever heard that song???? It goes like this: “She’s a whooty! That’s a white girl with a booty!”‘

I left shortly after.

And to you doubting thomas’s out there. WHOOTY IS RILLLL:

Anyways, I digress.

I awoke at 6am and made it down to long marine lab in time to load up and head down to nappy-ass Cowell’s… IN THE CAMO VAN!!!

HELLZZZZYEAH that’s invisible-colored on the outside and leopard+giraffe print on the inside! (and sexay Kathryn on the sideside!)

We had a glooooOoOoooOorious day down at Cowell’s. Kathryn put it perfectly when we were about to drop down out by the boat:

“DAMN this water is sooo nasty! I swear I think I seal just shit under us.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

While scuba-ing back in to shore after doing very prestigious sand dollar counts and measurements, what happened to catch my eye in the diarrhea-esque visibility BUT A WALLET (!!!!!!) drifting across the bottom. I grabbed my best buddy Scuba Steve and told him to hold up a second while I grabbed it and inspected it. No cash, the fish had cleaned him out. BUT there was some change, a visa card, and three (golden) student ID cards from the kee-yuuuuuuutest little highschool freshman asian boy I had ever seen! It had his current 9th grade ID, and also the 8th grade, and (my personal fav) 7th grade! Srsly though guys… this kid is stinkin adorable. I wish my scanner was working right now so you all could seeeeee!

Anyways, once we got back to the lab, filled out our dive logs, and cleaned up the boat/truck/camo van, Steve and Dave were justtttt giving us the little goodbye talk when I heard my phone ringing in my backpack. I snuck away and checked the number… aha! An unknown 831 number! COULD IT BE SOMEONE CALLING MY CRAIGSLIST AD?!

HelllzzzzYEA it was!

This really awesome guy Shane called me up because a swarm of bees had been flying up and down his street all day and was finally beginning to settle in his neighbors bush.





and I hung up, yelled something incoherent, and sprinted off towards my car.

  • 1st stop: 3mile for the veil and bucket and spray bottle. I saw Mason outside and was like “WOOO GOIN TA GET ME SOME BEEEEEESSSS RIGHT NOW YEAAHHH WOOO!!!!” and got back in my car and went forrrr…
  • 2nd stop: pants. shorts just weren’t going to cut it, so I needed to go back to campus to get my skinnys. Also I have forgotten my lunch on my bed. So I scarfed that down like it was no body’s business. ANDDDD I called Muriel and she came tooo YEASSSSSSS
  • next stop: bees lair!

We pulled up and immediately saw the bees flyin’ around goin’ crazy evrwhere! They definitely were settling in the bush, but I talked to the reallllly realllylyyy (cannot emphasize it enough) REALLY cool guy Shane and told him that we might just go get some food and come back in an hour because they probably will have settled in more and be easier to deal with and brush into my bucket. What realllly sucked though was that the bees weren’t all in some nice little ball handing off a tree branch in the wide open that you just plop the whole bunch in your bucket and you’re good to go. Like this:

OH NO, dear reader, THESE bees just HAD to bee in the bramble-iest bush/hedge thing there was and inside of being in a ball, they formed a nice sleeve around the innermost trunklike branch!

I ended up having to cut some branches away, and Shane brought me a small up to literally transfer the bees cupful by cupful into the bucket! The whole ordeal turned out to be WAY less scary, way MORE annoying than I thought it would be!

Okay. Side note. Can we seriously just take a second and talk about the freaking QUEEN for a second? Allllll that crazy lady wanted to do was just run around in circles up and down the bush all day driving me CRAZY. I would try and scoop her in my cup, but somehow she’d evade. THEN I would literally pick her off the branch in my own hand and put her in the bucket, only to somehow see her back on the bush 5 minutes later. One time I was CERTAIN she was in the bucket, only to look back a few minutes later to see her perched, looking up at me, laughing, on the outside of the lid! I tried to nab her right then, but she jumped off and flew away… BACK TO THE BUSH. Ughhhhhh. But I finally got her. I saw her in the bucket when I got to three mile.

So after about an HOUR AND A HALF of scooping the bees in, it was time to throw the bucket in the back of ‘merca and drive up to 3mile! I dropped Muriel off on campus and headed up. It got to late to hive them Sunday, and I also still needed to make spacer bars and chop the top in half for easier handling.

SOooooOoOOoooo today I whipped out 16 blank top bars in no time, modified the top, and moved the hive farther away from the backhouse area aka where the raaaageeeeeeee initiates. I stopped by the dining hall and asked the in-house manager if she had any tin cans left in recycling that I could just have. SURE ENOUGH, she had the perrrfect big cans to make an ant moat.

Then, when all was ready, it was time to put them in.

After I closed up the hive, I checked the front to make sure I had made the entrance large enough for them to go through. I wanted to film the bees going in and out, but right as I turned it on GUESS who decided to take a little stroll!

So I threw the camera down and poked her back inside with my finger.

BUT in no time I saw her try and go on a walk agaiiinnnnn so I decided to make the entrance even smaller… and then even smaller again ahaha.

SO we shall just wait and see if they stick around. They’ll probably be in there all night (good) and then it’ll be stormy tomorrow so they’ll stay in all day (extra good) and then they’ll have another night inside again )even better) to get acquainted and moved in. HOPEFULLY running queenie will STAY THE HECK PUT and start layin’ mass eggs!

Goodnight ladies (and few gentlemen!)



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2 responses to “don’t stop BEElieeevin’! hold on to that feeeeeelin!

  1. kendra aronson

    hahhaha this is the funniest post of my LIFE. You are such the little beekeeper, I love it!

  2. kendra aronson

    slash I will buy your honey from you…..nom nom nom

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