so seeing as I’m going to Corsica, France next October, I might as well do some traveling before and after-hand! I’m more scheming right now about the before traveling…. and I’m thinking about how cool it might be to try and surf Europe!

Ideally I would start in the North of Spain, try my luck at Rodiles and maybe even Mundaka if it was small, and then skim across the border between Spain and France and finally to Marseille, France where I could hop a Ferry to Calvi!

Mundaka… not so much my style/ability level haha

Rodiles… looking a little more manageable.

Hmmm, there’s also Zurriola:

But then again, though I long to go back to Spain and enjoy crazy Basque-speak and churros con chocolate and new waters, according to google maps I’ll need to travel anywhere form 750-a little over 1000 miles to get to the Ferry. Which on one hand could be a great adventure, but on the other could turn out to be intenseeeee.

So, next thought: France.

I don’t speak a WORD of French, nor can I pronounce any of their crazy spellings for a single syllable. HOWEVER… the French may have the next best thing to Beacons!!!!

!!!!! mushburger <3

Anyhoo, I also think it would be sweet to either camp there, and then use to make my way crosscountry to Marseille.

These are just ideas, though! And then there’s winter traveling, too!


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