WEEKEND FTW! (plus a bonus near-win)

Tonight’s style: breakin’ it down.

Common themes to look out for:

  • tan


Thursday (hellzya Thursday is counting in my weekend!)

8am: Upper divis Genetics midterm.

9:45: SPRINT across campus

10am: Development and Physiology Midterm

11:45: Scribble in my last guesses on the scantron. WEEKEND MODE ACTIVATE!

12:00: First act of the weekend= food

12:30: MOAT MURALLLLL!!!!!

I literally spent 3 hours out there painting. Hhaha I painted over and repainted SO much SO many times though! haha this will be… interesting… when it’s done. Also note the painted over stick figured of “katie+muriel+kerry= IN LOVE <3! (and a snake going “EEEE!!!!” and an unfinished Alyssa in the corner,” painted by Muriel and Kerry. Beautiful ladies :)

4:45: Forest run! Cramp city!

5:15: DINNAAA!!!!

Later…. something awesome happened, though I can’t remember what right now.


11:45: Bike ride with Kerry up the coast. Objective: Davenport for lunch and primness. Outcome: Fail! Hhaaha the wind was SOOO gnarly. We met a bike rider who was heading only 5 miles up the coast and he eventually just stopped and hitched because he was practically getting blown backwards. So, where do we stop? Of course, 3mile :) Saw the bees, which are (per the opinion of the entire Santa Cruz Beekeepers Guild) queenless (darnit!). BUT STILL CUTE. Apparently all I’z gotta do is catch another swarm (WITH a queen this time, dammit!) and stick ’em together. I asked, “won’t that just start some big gang fight?” Apparently not. Just spray them with enough water before hand, apparently.

1:30: Walk the bluff and get totally key-yuuuuute pichas of ourselves! hahahaha

2:00: Expose the roll of film we just finished hahahahaha

2:40: Bike back into town WITH the wind. So weird. All the trees and bushes and grasses were blowing around us, and yet we felt no wind.

3:00: Herb Room/Food Bin for HOLY BASIL!!! hahahahaha Kerry says it’s supposed to make you really happy or something.

3:03: Drop liquid Holy Basil directly on our tongues. ABSOLUTELY positively disgusting. First bit of Holy Basil, not mood enhance.

3:20 MIKE APPEARS! and leaves.

3:23: Bike to coldstone. Coupon #1 rejected for expiration and for “So Cal Locations Only.” Coupon #2 rejected because my birthday was in February, not this week. Darn. 2 free coldstones wasted!


3:45″ Bussin’ it back up!

4:45: Decided my bees need a stinkin’ protein patty, and they need it now! Run up to 3mile where people are already comin’ in from lands as far away as Santa Barbara for the ensuing party later that night, most of whom Ted and everyone have NO idea who there are, and vice versa THEY don’t even know who lives there! HAHA some people honestly just rolled up Thursday night and were like “Hey man, I hear there’s gonna be a party tomorrow!” and they cracked open a beer, and didn’t stop drinking till Saturday morning after the party. And they just stayed there. Hahahahaha.

ANYHOO, whipped up a little patty with 2 parts dry bee pollen and 1 part raw honey and plopped it in there.

The bees realllly need to start building up comb. Today I saw 1 cell. one.

6:00 New Leaf for snacks. Got some Asiago Cheese Sourdough mmmmm.

6:30: Dinner at 9/10 with Kerry. We discuss if the Holy Basil is working. Kerry says yes, I have my reservations. SURPRISE SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY MURIEL GORDON AKA BEYONCE SASCHA FIERCE!!!!!!!

7:15: Shower it up! Gettin’ freshhhh



11:00: HOP ON THE BIKE TO THREE MILE!!!!!!!! First off, beautiful night ride up the coast with the big, orange rising moon and no cars on the road and crickets in the grass. THEN, saw a bunch of people I knew at the farm, like Bree and Allison and Moses (remember moses?!??!) and hung out with my friends Jack (who was on crutches) and saw Walker’s band play which was SOOOO good… and Ted and I went up on the roof!… and then we came down and I started dancing and got pushed in the mosh pit a couple of times which was fine until my freakin JANKLES struck again for revenge! Was going to sleep in the treehouse with the mice, but my bike and I got a ride back in this nice guys truck alll the way to Merrill.


3:30am: Back in my room. First thing I do? Eat half  the loaf of bread I had bought earlier and read missed connections. Second thing I do? Post about my binge bread eating. Finally, sleep

11:00am: I awake little sunshine rainbow in springtime! Breakfast with Kerry. Did laps in the sun and lathered on the tanning oil DUHHHH

3:30: Down to Natty B’s for Kerry’s Hall event. Just Jason and I came. Hahaha. Jumped in the water w/o my wetsuit and it was SOOOO COLD! Warmed up on the sand in the sun… and more dark banana boat spf 4. haha

4:20: Race across town on rust bucket blue and sprint to the top of Beach Hill to see my friend Andrew’s band play.

It was pretty rad actually… I guess these kids live in this old hotel that has monthly rates or something, and they just got the hotel’s permission to plug in their guitars and break out a drumset for a poolside jam fest and barbecue. First off, Andrew’s sauce on grilled sweet potatoes= bomb. Second, KATHRYN aka Queen Whooty showed up with her realllly cool roommate. There was a great sadness, though, when the 5-0 rolled up and told them they couldn’t play music anymore… BEFORE Andrew really got to play! Dammmn!

6:10: Head on down to Soquel on Rustbucket Blue. Get hit on by a black man. White guilt=diminished.

6:30: DANK RICE BOWL from Charlie Hong Kong’s. ONly like five bucks, too! Mmmm in my belly!

7:00: Jean-Michel Cousteau, aka the son of god (aka Jacque Cousteau) gives the most inspiring and motivating presentation EVER and loves children and the world and EVERYTHING GOOD and adventure and the ocean and its creatures and humanity and passion for life and OOOOHhhhhkaayyyy I definitely cried. SHUT UP.

“People protect what they love.”

“How can we protect what we don’t understand?”

“Children are our greatest teachers. They ask the greatest questions.”

“More than ever before, we understand that everything is connected.”

I asked him a question afterwords, and he actually told me “Good luck to you!” I seriously felt like I had been blessed now and that everything in Marine Bio will somehow miraculously go right haha.

10:00 back to campus for nite owl cookies!!!!!!! and changing my flat mtn. bike tire :(

10:30 RIOTS break out in downtown santa cruz?!!! Honestly…. what the hell? HAHA but they lit a fire on Cafe Pergolesi’s porch and blocked fire fighters from getting in to put it out. HaHAHAHAhaha. Can you imagine the scene? “NO! NO! IT MUST BURRRRRNNN!” ahahahhhahahaha jeese…. the best was a quote in the sentinel from the Police Chief on all the vandalism and broken windows and stuff that happened on Pacific:

This did nothing to add credit to whatever they believed their cause was

I seriously think the whole riot was ridiculously stupid. It honestly was just the really “gnarly” and “indie” and “edgy” and “anarchist” ucsc kids just getting drunk and then because their ego gets sooooo huge that they’re being so heroic and activisty because they’re protesting that they just get totally out of control and start fucking everyone else over because they believe that anything structured is evil. STUPIDDDD.



11:00am: Slug slime wild ride! Muriel ends up not doing it because she was out the whole night before getting dates up the whazoo at the Queer Fashion Show afterparty, but I ended up going anyways. LOOK WHO DECIDED TO SHOW UP!

Hahaha I was just stoked to be biking up the hill WITHOUT a 9ft longboard and a wet wetsuit after surfing/biking down the hill! I actually powered up the hill pretty well for myself, I’d say. My legs were soooo pooped from running/biking/rageing(lol) the last couple days that they just really didn’t have much juice. Nonetheless, I was up near the front at the top of the hill!

I jumped off my bike and started running. First to the water balloon toss. Then through the inflatable obstacle course, then spun my forehead around on a bat a few times, then jumped in a potato sack around a tree (WHICH WAS THE HARDEST THING EVER i was soooo tired). But then through the finish line t 18:43! AND I ALMOST GOT 3rd PLACE!!!!! soooooo closeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Seriously just a few seconds away!

Note the real, actual bona-fide slime up on that number.

2:00 Shower and AçAI BOWL!!!! Tried a new spot called the Acai Cafe and it was SOOO good. Can you believe I could have a spicy acai bowl and have it be the MOST AMAZING thing I’ve ever eaten in my life? AND get it to go and eat it at the beach? MMMMM to the max!

3:00 THREE MILE!!! Check the bess to see if they’ve taken to the protein patty. Surprised to see they actually kinda did! A few were crawling on it, sticking their tongues out and licking it like little aliens haha.

4:00 THREE MILE BEACH! llllattttherin up that tanning oil on the sand! Was going to study Nitrox for scuba this Thursday…. nope! Fell asleep for an hour! At least I got brown as a berry.

5:00 Wake up and jump in the water in my wetsuit. SOOOO cold.

5:15 Tederous arrives!

5:30 I just changed out of my wetsuit, and was throwing my dress back on, and when I turned away for just a moment, suddenly a great commotion rang out:


And I look to see, with great surprise and amusement, the nakedest Ted I’ve ever seen SPRINTING down the burm straight into the frigid water, his incredibly white cheeks disappearing into churning waves. HAHA ohhhh myyy goddd soooo good! Freakin’ Ted I shwearrr! Haha and he just sorta got out and ran back and just kept on talkin’ and stuff. Naked still. Haha Ted don’t give a fuck about nothin’!

6:00 Back to town

And thus closes the weekend :)

Browner, sorer, happier. Needed the scuba break! Needed the freedom! Needed the stereotypical collllegggeee weekend!



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5 responses to “WEEKEND FTW! (plus a bonus near-win)

  1. Quite the little rager you are becoming mmmhmmm! Haha: “then spun my forehead around on a bat a few times” reeeaaallyyy? You’ll have to teach me how to do that one jajaja

  2. Clarification:
    1) You are a rager
    2) Now that I read the quote again I understand it the way you wrote it but I thought you were saying you spun/balanced a bat on your forehead and swapped the words bat and forehead on accident. Spinning your forehead on a bat? but now I understand what you meant. It just sounded funny to me and still does

  3. haha no mas indeeeed! and no i am not a rager bahaha por le record…

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