Reacon Dancewell and the New Neighbors

On Tuesday I could NOT wait to check the bees!

I brought my good camera out again. AWWW look at their little tongues licking up the sugar syrup! IT’S LIKE THEY’RE ON A DATE DRINKING MILKSHAKES OR SOMETHING!

Before I opened the hive today, I had this gut feeling that I should bring a sharpie and a pen and a little logbook type thing– just in case….

GOOD THING I brought the sharpie because there was a lot of work to do labeling the bars!

and GOOD THING I BROUGHT THE LOGBOOK AND A PEN! because there was a lot to keep track of for next time!

But wow! I seriously am so astounded by the incredible amount of work the bees had done in less than five days! From the total amount of comb in the hive, it’s as if they were making MORE THAN TWO bars like that PER DAY since I put them in! WOWWWWWW. Made some new topbars, stat!

Also went back to check on Mike’s little hive. HAHA he put it right next to the graveyard that Mason made for the stuff CruiserCat kills! Mason’s been freaking making crosses and NAMING the decapitated mice and gophers the boys find on their front porch basically every morning.

Here it is next to the graves of Mr. Whiskers and Reacon Dancewell, may they rest in peace.

HAHA remember how frisky those bees were in the bucket? Well Sunday evening I got this message from Mike that sounded something like this:

*heavy breathing in background* “Hey Katieeee…. it’s Mike… HOO… WOW…. I uh, just put the bees in the hive… HOO there were a LOT. a LOT a LOT a LOT of bees… oh man… HOO…. my heart is racing right now sorry… sorry hold on…. phewwwwww…..”

HHAHA I came upon the scene, and it seriously looked like Mike seriously THREW the bees in the hive and ran for his life! There was the tree branch, the bucket, the lid, crumpled messes of duct tape, alll strewn about the grass like they literally had just been THROWN DOWN in TERROR! hahahahahaha.

There’s the tree branch! They had started building comb on it! (they also had started comb on my bucket lid too! WOWZA!)

Note the clump of thorns! hahaha

PS: still haven’t smoked the bees once! beautiful!

PPS: It looks like I might actually get to live at three mile next year! Mason was saying that he’s moving out to Alaska, and then his friend Devon is moving in for summer and fall…. but hmmm what is Mason going to do to get off the lease for winter quarter??!?! HMMMMMMM.

PPPS: I’ve been promoted in lifeguarding so that this summer I can work 2nd and 3rd session junior guards! BETTER hours, MORE games, FREE cookies.


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