First and foremost,

Sac-attack + occupy everything + “I AM WOMAN!!!” +  + AHNOLD + bears =


Pretty much, after the CREEPY AS FUCK night dive on the santa cruz wharf (before which Stevesie and Dave told us about how Steve once found a dead body tied to a shopping cart there, in the 70’s they fisherman pulled up a bucket with a woman’s head in it there , they’ve found multiple loaded firearms there, voodoo dolls in jars there, crazy persons’ diaries there, etc). Rory picked me up at 11:30 and we hit the road at midnight for Sacramento and Demetrio and the promise of amazing, middle of the night donuts!

Well, I was SO tired and I tried SO hard to stay awake to navigate, but apparently I fell asleep and started snoringHA!

We got to sac at 2:45, and I would have been just fine if no one wanted donuts… but we went anyways, which turned into a good laugh because ALL THE WONDERFUL THINGS demetrio had told us about this donut place… every, single, fucking thing (except for the fact that it actually was a donut place), was FALSE!

  • “They’re REALLY good!” FALSE.
  • “They’re famous!” FALSE.
  • “Everyone goes there!” FALSE.
  • “They’re only open from 1am-5am every day!” FALSE.
  • “Their donut holes are the best– in fact, they’re famous!” FALSE.
  • “Marie’s donuts is the best in the STATE!” FALSE.

bahahahaha theeeee best was how we were already laughing at how shitty the place is and what LIES demetrio has been feeding us, and then the guy brings out a fresh sheet of donut holes.

Demetrio: “OH MY their donut holes are so delicious. They’re known for their donut holes.”

Rory: “Hmm, how much are the donut holes?”

Asian man: “wan feefdee foh wan dozennnnn….”

Rory: “FUCK YEAH I have three dollars! Can I get two dozen donut holes please?!”

Asian man: “Tree dorras preaseeeee…. tank youuuuuu”

Rory takes a bite…


I believe that’s one more lie from Demetrio!

We made it back to sac, and ALL THREE OF US climbed in Demetrio’s big bed together.

SO. CUTE. I wanted a picture of us g-ma’s and g-pa’s. Too sleepy to do so. ~5am, sleep at last!

The rest of saturday (once we woke up at 10:30) was spent hanging around Sac State at their “Final Fling,” a carnival that the RA’s put on (“with $50 visa gift card prizes for games!” FALSE.), seeing the capitol building, and EATING CHIPOTLE!!!!!! om nom nom in our beeelllllliiiiieeeessss!

Final Fling

I think Rory put it perfectly in his blog when he said:

Went back to Final Fling
Katie and I won the 3 legged race. Actually, we dominated.
We did not win 50 dollar Visa gift cards

Oh and also:

Dominated Demetrio at boxing. Dominated Katie at jousting. Dominated both in racing

Capitol Building

Oh dear 5-credit hippy class, how proud thou wouldst have been to see thine truly, climbing an orange tree barefoot and foraging its bounty at the capitol building. OH and if you haven’t forgotten– OCCUPY EVERYTHING! OCCUPY ARNOLD FUCKIN ORANGE TREE YEAH FUCK YEAH!



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