a cappocalypse!

Saturday night Kerry and I met up with some peeps and made the trek across campus for THE A CAPPOCALYPSE!!!

chutup I couldn’t find a bigger picture!

But yeah, I wouldn’t miss the sultry soundings of the spicy Rosa or the sweet Sonia (and of course, all the other cloud ninies as well!) for ANYTHING! And to top it off, the dashing gentlemen of Fleet Street from Stanford took a little ride over the hill to come perform, too!

Let’s be honest here. Real talk.

Sometimes, I just really want to join Rosa and Sonia and all the other awesome cloud 9 singers in their quest for the most epic vocal adventure. Every time… every single time I see a show I want to sing along! And after every show I always want to join! Great people, great times!

I keep trying to find videos from Saturday night, but I’ve found some that Cloud 9 and Fleet Street did. All for your viewing pleasure!

And FLEET STREET! Oh my god. SO good. I haven’t laughed so hard in… my whole life.

They RAN and jumped up to the stage and got me all excited… and then they did this as their first song… and for the first couple seconds I was really confused and kept thinking to myself “Wait… are these guys serious?” But luckily…

NO THEY WERE NOT! (haha except for maybe the part about Berkeley at the end hahahaha)

soooo many jokes. sooo many laughs. wait for the best part at the very end.

And I’m so glad the glitter shows up in this video!

HAHA holy crap if anyone in the world is actually reading this, if you don’t do anything for the rest of your life you need to watch this one and pay special attention to 2:40


Can we just talk about how that night Kerry and I trucked it up the whoooollleee campus hill all the way to Merrill? We literally bonzed out the Alamo house at 2:30 am after bidding adieu to the wonderful people and singers there, and we kicked it in to high gear towards the base of campus bus stop, pepper spray in hands through the unlit streets of Western and Meder, stopping only but once to pee in the bushes. Forsook waiting for the bus (“25 minutes? fuck dat shit girrlll!”), flashed our ID’s and tromped up the hill, through the fog and by the fields. Back in our broom closets by 3:15!

And awoke the next morning wondering where our whooties came from.

Just kidding.

BUT for some reason we both were awake naturally at EIGHT AM!???!?!? whyyyyyyyyy


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