how to brew part tew!

Wednesday night I went up to three mile after class and Ted and I put the brew into a smaller, second fermenter. I added in the jasmine and honeysuckle flowers I had picked at home, and Ted gave me some of his secret stash of hops to sprinkle in, too! The air lock started bubbling again– the fermentation continues!

Sorry for the incredibly shotty picture haha! I wanted to capture some sort of visual reference to this part of the process, and if it meant using a cell phone camera in a dim room… so be it! You can at least see all the flowers and hops floating on top… kiiinda! haha.

Before I put the flowers in, Ted and I took a little vile of the fermenting solution and measured the gravity again. Ted knew some sort of calculation to apply to the original gravity reading we took (which was a whopping 70 before we watered it down) with the new one of about 10, and we figured that when all is said and done my beer will be about 6.4% Alcohol by Volume!

WHOAAAAAAkayyy. I may not know a lot (or really, ANYTHING) about beer… but isn’t that like twice as alcoholic as some beers?

Next step will be bottling and letting it become carbonated! Stay tuned.



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2 responses to “how to brew part tew!

  1. kendra aronson

    beer is usually 4-6% but it’s not uncommon to have 6-10% it’s just stronger. mmmmm in my BELLY. I want to try your brew, it sounds tasty.

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