today: funnier than most


WOWZA! When did the Royal Tenenbaums Sountrack get into my itunes library!? FOR THE WIN! Notably, this song:

Haha that little girl is crraazzzzyyy awesome!


Also, went to the gym tonight. I walked passed two guys in plank position on their elbows next to each other.

Guy 1: “Hoo! Oh man…”

Guy 2: “Dude, when you get to one minute, clench your cheeks as hard as you can. AUGHHhhhhhh!”

Guy 1: “AUGHHHhhhhh!”

Trew wuv, bromance.



KERRY IS BACK! Musings about existentialism, Livermore, stage presence, and going to jail for one night ensued.


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