to do:

  1. study MASS for genetics
  2. figure out what the hell am I supposed to know for the final
  3. pass bio final
  4. pass genetics final
  5. attend ESLP final
  6. pack up dorm life as I know it and SIMULTANEOUSLY pack for a camping/scuba trip!?!?!?!?!?!?
  7. finish mj mural
  8. interview prof. Pete R. at Long Marine Lab
  9. finish sci diving presentation/final project/rap
  10. talk to stevesie
  11. get food for trip
  12. correct sci diving exam with an essay
  13. be homeless for 3 nights
  14. find a sleeping bag

This is how I feel right now, mainly because of genetics.

I want to stay and talk about some sweet stuff that’s been going on, but, ALAS! Goodbye fun! HELLLOOOOO FINALS WEEK.


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