breakin’ and boppin’

First order of business:

Before you read any further, I decree that anyone who wishes to pursue the rest of this post immediately open a new tab or window and make a “Gap Band” channel on pandora. Also, if you feel the need to get up and dance at any moment, feel free to do so.

Now, on to the REAL procrastination.

Thursday before our HEFTY Scientific Research Diving Final (which literally took a FULL 3 hours–longer for others! Yikes!) we all donned our Legit with a capital L tees that Patrick designed and presented them to Dave and Steve. Hahaha, imagine if you were presented with a shirt that had your face photoshopped onto it by a flock of people wearing your face!

THEN the fun stopped and the final happened. Gross.

In other news,

I checked the bees last Friday! On one hand, they’re doing great! On the other hand… I think they might be doing great. I was really confused because I couldn’t see any larva. Queenie? What are you doing???

AND, the capping was occuring towards the top of the comb, not right in the middle. But, it was still getting capped in a circular shape from the middle –> out, which is a good thing.

AND, there were a few empty queen cells. Does this mean that there have been new queens birthed already? Or were these cells simply insurance policies that were aborted later? Has my hive split already? Would they even do that their first few weeks of being in a new home?

There weren’t as many ladies home as I thought there would be, this could be for a number of reasons

  1. it was a hot midday when I checked, so maybz they’re just out foraging
  2. ….they swarmed??!?!?
  3. … no queenie :(

But I sweeearrrr there has to be a queen! But what my fear is, is that there was a queen. I’ll check back when I get back from Big Sur before I leave for summer and get them all set up.

Either way, I put in a new big batch of sugar syrup to keep em goin and drawing out more comb.

A look inside:

Searching for babies

Three or four bars stuck together in the crazy area!

Then, I went to the beach to do some “studying.” AKA fell asleep for 2 hours and then picked up sea glass and ran around and went skinny dipping haha.

This is what having the beach ALL TO MYSELF allll day looks like:

The next day I came back to 3 mile for bottling my brew! I was telling my dad about it, and he’s REALLY excited about it ahahaha! He REALLY wants some! bahaha.

First, pick out some bottles and wash rinse them out. If there’s mold inside, you gotta use the bottle brush and get that shit out, son!


“EW there’s a huge hunk of mold in this one! It won’t come out no matter what I do…”

*takes closer, longer look.*

*mold moves*


*mold squirms*


*rejects bottle and puts it aside*

The slug is in………………………………………………^ this bottle (the far left IPA on the bench)

Once they’re clean, sterilize them for 5 minutes.

Then let air dry upside down. A towel lined tub works well.

Then add the beer and cap it off with some bottling sugar in there! Let it lay for some weeks and voila!

Another quick quip I’ve been pondering is, well, no more dorms for the REST OF MY LIFE!

This is what the final batch of laundry ever done in the dorms looks like:

This is only a fraction of what being a scuba diver looks like in the dorms

Not sure if I’m going to try and keep these loteria cards or not… I mean I can always get another pack for like two bucks. Is it worth trying to keep them in good condition through the move?

And finally, this is probably the last time EVER in my whole LIFE my clothes will ever be organized in rainbow order haha.

Goodbye dorms, it’s been swell… NOT.


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