I’M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

This is me being done with finals at 7:24

ALSO, at exactly 4:41, this is me taking my genetics final.


And, as promised, here’s a close up of Michael’s glitter glove.

Here is the end product of yesterday’s work (you can’t really see the glitter but oh well):

And here’s what I got done today. The colors got kinda blue’d-out in this one because the sun started going down:

Tomorrow I will FINISH!

I think I’m going to try and go in with an electric purple color and write Michael Jackson 1958-2009 in some 80’s style lettering. I was going to do a quote, or write “King of Pop” or something with the dates but…. I don’t know. I feel like the moat murals alllllways have some quote or something, and it’s kinda annoying. Also, I’d hate to basically just write “This is Michael Jackson, just so you know… in case you didn’t already get that from the pose, clothes, and fucking glitter glove.”

I don’t know. I’m torn because I feel like writing Michael Jackson on there would just be stupid… BUT there’s all that negative space and alllllll the lines in the painting are pointing to it. My eyes want to see something there. But a sappy quote? Hells no. His name and year of birth and death? Maybe, but not really. UGH this is so harddddddd!

But at the same time….

The top three most common things I hear from passersby:

  1. “Whoa that’s cool but…. is the glitter going to stay?”
  2. “Shit dude thats fucking rad you incorporated rastafarian Bob Marly colors in there.”
  3. “Wait….. that’s…… Michael…. umm… Jackson? Right?”


  1. no it’s just temporary glitter…stfu I have no idea! Come back in September and see for yourself assholes!
  2. First, when did red yellow and BLUE become the new rasta? Second, stfu Santa Cruz!
  3. no its his brother Tito Jackson.

In other news, Sean Oxford is, and always will be, my bffaeaeaeae


A few days ago Muriel and her friend Leah pooled their hall funds and had a free really dank Mexican food event. They ordered five gallons of horchata! MMM IN MY BELLY

This is my plate of rice, beans, GUACAMOLE, salsa fresca, and chicken enchiladas…

And this is it 2 seconds later…

In my belly.

And then…. this little guy just kinda showed up and got placed on our table…

But it was all good because we went outside to digest and I had a little epiphany about, well, by and by this has been a pretty great year. Not going to lie, it had its ups and it had its intense lows… and sometimes those times happened simultaneously. But, it’s all worth it and manageable with great women around me like these (and, of course, jason my loveee):

Goodbye Sophmore year.

I am halfway done with college!


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