another hard day at the office

Yes, that is a giant cookie that a 9 year old decorated especially for our group. And yes, this next one is me and Ecker as cookie lifeguard bears.

Oh my gad! I was so nervous for the awards banquet last night. Part of it was that I was afraid to go up and talk in front of all the parents because when I’m nervous I tend to say REALLY  unfunny quips and laugh awkwardly afterwords, but mostly because, well, there’s 40 kids in our group, 100% of them were awesome, I’d met 50% of their awesome parents (most of whom were all at the banquet), but only 9 kids get awards! AHHH I was terrified the really rad parents of equally (or even more) rad kids were going to be really pissed– especially after they gave us sweet presents and stuff! (I think some of them might have actually been slightly…)

Without further ado, the C2’s!


Yesterday was also the last day of session 2. Last day’s itinerary:

  • 9:00 drop-off and setup
  • 9:15 roll, warm ups
  • 10:30 Free swin
  • 11:00 Snack
  • 11:15 Free swim
  • 12:15 Lunch
  • 12:30 Free swim
  • 1:20 Certificates
  • 1:30 Cleanup
  • 2:00 Pick-up

Yea, yea, came up with that one all by ourselfz!

Oh and one more thing:

Love <3 ,



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