THE BRICK IS MINE! and other small tales of late.

Ohhhh yes, the past week or so has been riddled–RIDDLED! I say!– with underwater adventures!

Wonder! Excitement! Beauty! Exploration! Secret missions! Sunken treasures! I believe both Jacque Cousteau and Long John Silver would be proud right now.

The first adventure: The Brick is Mine!

All four members of Team Blonde had just assembled when Kathryn “the ladies lady” Scott informed us that Sports Chalet had hidden three golden bricks (T-weights painted gold) somewhere in the southern California waters. One brick was worth 1000 dollars, another worth 3000, and still another worth a whopping 5000!!! Apparently the 1 and 5-thou bricks had already been found, but by using the clues on the website we determined that the 3000 dollar brick was still hidden out at Swamis!

We wasted no time (except to maybe get sandwiches and other essentials haha) and made it to Swami’s in the afternoon. Kathryn and Desirée were going to scuba and use everything that Stevsie had taught us, and I was to stay with Libby and provide surface support with my longboard and go free diving!

Dive dive dive!

But… okay, let’s be real here for a second. It was really creepy this dark and gloomy and cold day out at Swami’s to be on the surface, so it took me some time to feel comfortable diving down into the darkness alone. Soooo haha in the meantime I took pictures of K-Scizzle and Desizzle’s bubbles coming up from the deep.

Eventually I did get down there a bunch of times to briefly search and tap Kathryn and Desireé on the head. Most of the time they wouldn’t even see me! They were SO focused on finding that dang brick! Good effort ladies!

Libby looks like such an alien from below haha:

Unfortunately, after a total 2 hours at sea with no sign of the brick, we ended our treasure hunt empty handed. HOWEVER! Kathryn and I talked to one of the lifeguards and they were like, “Oh yeaaaah! Someone found it yesterday! It was a family! Mom and dad scuba’d while the kids kicked around on boogie boards.”

Well, damn.

EITHER WAY it was the best day ever (especially once we jumped into the jacuzzi at home) and Jacque and Long John would still be stoked on us smokin’ Charlies Angels of l’mer.

Adventure 2: Tedtastic and Samwise come to town!

The evening after my Team Blonde cohorts departed, I got a little call from Ted! He asked me what I was doing “right… NOW!” and I just kneewwww from the sound of his voice he had finally embarked on his journey to Baja from Santa Cruz and was making a stop in San Diego! He wasn’t able to hang out that night, but I told him I could get off work early the next day and do sweet stuff because that ALWAYS HAPPENS when Ted is around!

So the next day I rocked down to Electric Avenue (YES. ELECTRIC AVENUE. Click the link!!!!) and met up with Ted and his really cool friend Sam. They were on their way down to Baja for about three weeks, and they’d stopped for two nights at Sam’s friend’s house in La Jolla to regroup before their epic journey. We were going to go for a surf but… seeing as it was flatter than flat, I decided I’d take them on a little swimming tour at the Cove and use up the rest of my underwater disposable camera!

We jumped in and there were fish EVERYWHERE! The water was crystal clear and I saw tens upon tens of garibaldi. We climbed over to a little shelf covered in surf grass and started pushing each other off, but the lifeguards yelled at us over the loudspeaker to “GET OFF THE RAZOR REEF!” hahaha. We jumped off and continued swimming…

…past the seals…

Through a super rad tunnel/cave…

Past an enormous abalone (approximately 8 in. diameter whaaat!?)…

And clumsily swam our way through some surge into…



Now, just for some quick background, the shell shop cave is actually called “Sunny Jim’s Cave,” but most people call it the Shell Shop Cave because of the tunnel from the cave up to the top of the bluff that opens out into a touristy shell shop. Now, if you want to go down the stairs and see the cave,  you gotta pay four bucks. But back in the day, in High School when I was in the Ocean Surf Lifesaving PE class with Mr. Jenkins, Jenkins took us on this awesome field trip down to the cove and had us swim into the cave. Us kids in the class had NO idea what the halibut we were doing in this cave– alls we knew (or at least I knew), was that there were some freaky as crap stairs leading up to a closed door in complete darkness.

But today, as we navy seal’d/spelunked our way into the cave towards the deck, tipped our imaginary hats to the confused tourists as we swung our wet, salty legs over the banister, and began the climb up the staircase… we came upon…


We poked our heads out the passageway, sneakretly surveying the customers milling about amongst the souvenirs– we definitely didn’t have four dollars apiece in our wetsuits! Upon little deliberation, however, all three of us decided to run, dripping wet in our stinky wetsuits, through the shop and out the front door evading shop employees!


Haha the only thing that could have made it better would have been if we had run naked hahaha!

I was sad to say goodbye to the boys later that night, but our paths shall cross again soon! Be safe in Mexico amigos mios!

The NEXT day was the LAST day of Session 2 Junior Guards at Carlsbad. During all that free swim time, what did I want to do…? TAKE EVERYONE TO THE KELP BEDS OF COURSE!

Kiana and I had little chillster Grant take a picture of us:

It was absolutely breathtaking. I love going out there! I love when kids get stoked off of the kelp! I love helping them face their fears and go swim underneath the canopy with me! I love when they come up and they exclaim how beautiful and cool it is!

Today I went out to the kelp beds at Beacons alone on a personal endeavor of bravery and courage and comfortability in the lonely ocean. I have to admit I didn’t do much diving off of my surfboard because it was getting on to be feeding time, the vis wasn’t that great, and I was allllllll alone…. but it was a start towards being at solitary ease in the ocean.

Until next time,

Adventure is out there!




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