…and again

Had an entire conversation today with Goody today about Anchorman. How many times did we bleep out “vagina” as we sat on the beach with the little junior guards around? The world may never know.

…and again:

ALSO! Rex helped me out on Saturday teaching a TOTALLY TUBULAR surf lesson for this little girl Sophia’s 9th birthday party! Make money get paid!

When we trucked the foamies back to my car, I checked my phone… and what do I find?!!!!

“Hey whatsup miga mia? Im in tj” –Tedtastic and Samwise

What!?!? How could this be?!!? Two weeks early?!? Hahahaha I talked to Ted on the phone and literally it seemed like they were running away from Mexico. I was like… wait… maybe I don’t want them to come to my house! Haha Ted sounded all sketchy on the phone– maybe they were being followed by some crazy mexican druglords or something! Ayayayayay!

But, sure enough, Ted and Sam met Rex and I at my dad’s house, rolling up in THE dirtiest car ever. Literally, and I mean this in the most honest and sincere sense of the word, it looked exactly like this:

And, not to mention, the two of them looked pretty similar haha!

So, apparently the story goes that the small tent (“yea yea yea, I know it’s small, but whatever we’ll just spoon haha”–Sam) actually turned out to be a child’s size tent that they couldn’t zip up at night because their legs hung out two feet into the dirt and the dust. The surf was mediocre and overly sharky, and the sun was intense. They told us of afternoons where they just sat under a tarp that they angled off their tiny car, roasting in the heat.

Some days the wind came up so much that they had to catch their tent before it blew into the sea. They would weight it down and go kiteboarding. Once Sam lost his kite out at sea, after seeing a huge shark eat a seal or something. Sam couldn’t get his kite back up and was getting dragged out to see past the point, so Ted came by and threw Sam his leash, towing him back to shore. The best was that Sam literally kissed Ted once they got on shore (“OH MAN I love you Ted! You saved my life!”)

They didn’t want to buy any food, and I guess their last night they had half cooked pasta with the last bit of peanut butter and some almonds from leftover trail mix (“Oh my god… I had to take 3 shots of our shitty shitty shitty tequila just to get that down…”–Sam).

They were scraping their low-clearance car across the dustiest, pot-holiest roads baja could offer, narrowly escaping robbery at each military checkpoint. A few days back they got a flat, and had to go 20km to the nearest town, where they bought a new tire, immediately got another flat, and had to buy another tire.

On the way out, with 40km behind them and 100km in front, two random guys stepped out of the brush with guns and waved them to stop and asked them to get out of the car. This is when Ted and Sam decided that this was probably the end of their lives–and/or their belongings. But, luckily after convincing the guys they were clean (“…No, I told you already. We don’t have any weed with us.”) they were able to continue on their way to complete the 500 mile trek to San Diego.

It was already almost 7 at night when they were getting in their car outside of Karinas… to go five hundred more miles all the way to Santa Cruz in one journey! They totally could have stayed the night, too! A thousand miles in one day? AND sitting at the border for 3-5 hours? I shook my head at their stubbornness. My dad laughed at me saying, “HMM now whoooo does this remind me of?”

But alas! alas! alas! This may be the last time I see my dear dear friend Ted for soooo long! Humboldt classes start late August, and then I’ll be gone for all of October and most of November. Alas! Will I ever see Ted again!?

Hahaha ohhhh mannnn

“Katie! Our paths shall cross again soon! Take care of your homebrew! Fare wellllllLLlLlLLLlllLllllll……!!!!

–OH WAIT holonholonholon hey where’s gas and the freeway?”


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