Sneaky Goose strikes again! (THAT JUST HAPPENED.)

Question: Could this day get any better?

Answer: No, probably not.

First: Breakfast. Woke up at 8am (perfect) and had a bowl of Plain NOT Vanilla yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, honey, and bee pollen. Also perfect.

Went to church, hung with the fam.

Went to lunch, Don Buri chicken from Surf Brothers, hung with the friends.

Leucadia Art Walk was today! AWESOME. And I went to Lou’s for the first time in forever and bought the new Arcade Fire. Perfect.


Doors opened at 4, but I didn’t have a ticket to this sold out, 30 doll venue. I went out bodysurfing in the WARM (yes, if you can believe it) water and caught a couple good ones as the White Apple Tree started playing. I came back in and sunned myself on the warm sand, reading Richard Brautigan and listening to my favorite songs live by Delta Spirit!

As 6 o’clock wound around, I thought, hmm! I’m quite hungry! And walked literally TWO strides and got a carne asada burrito. The guy was nice enough and gave me a Coke on the house! Yea yea!

I went back to my towel and continued my happiness.

A kid (or maybe a 20-something year old with a boyish face) started talking to me and offered me some Kettle Corn YUMM but I declined politely. He went back to his post by the picnic tables, and not even five minutes later called to me over the bass: “Katie, look up!” and what did happen to be “up” but two paragliders. I thought about how lonely and wonderful it must be up there, sailing up the coast at sunset. They were a definitely pair, but they were pretty far apart to be called going together. I stared at them for so long. It made me both sad and happy to watch them, both lonely and awestruck.

ANYWAYS, after that little “moment” it started actually getting kinda cold so I changed out of my suit and into clothes. I watched the sunset with The Whigs playing in the background, and because the wet breeze kept blowing I decided it was time to get up and walk around.

Well, you know as soon as I started walking around I started getting tempted to sneak in.

But first, something warm!

As I skirted the fences of the venue, I passed by Coke on the House Man. He waved hi to me and I asked if there was a place to get coffee nearby, like a 7-11 or something. He said 10 feet farther there was a coffee stand– AND THEY HAVE MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE. I couldn’t believe it.

The girl behind the cart was so nice. We had the same wallet! WHAT? So because we were totally connected and basically bffl’s, she charged me for a small size even though I ordered a large. Yea. Abuelita! IN MY BELLLYYYYY.

I continued my strolling around the outside, and made eye contact with another kid at a potentially weak link in concert security. We spoke only in nods and eye movements.

“hey! (nod) you gonna jump over here? (wink wink wink)”

“yea maybe. (1/2 nod) but that guys been watching me for a while (wiiink)”

“oh yeaaaa the old one?  Right there? (wink wink)”


“okay well good luck I’m going to keep looking (noooood)”

Continuing around the perimeter, I noticed that old guy security guard stare me down and write down my description. Well, shit. No getting around that one: Long blonde hair. Grey sweatshirt. Black pants. BRIGHT green overstuffed backpack. Skateboard.

But, as darkness fell I found myself a quiet spot on the cliffs away from everyone except for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ tour bus and one very obese guard.

I sat down, content with the beautiful view and adequate sound quality. Rogue Wave was on now. Ed Sharpe next.

But, you know… I probably couuullddd traverse this cliff around the fence and if I made it to that palm tree down there… I’d would totally be in..

Slowly, because I knew the guard was watching me, I slipped part ways down the cliff. People in the smaller local bands were below me, watching me and rooting. I saw there were mass guards EVERYWHERE below me, and if any one of them looked up at ALL I was in total plain sight. I took it in small little chunks. Five feet across, 3 yards, two strides, etc. THEN the drunk people waiting in front of the small stage looked up. They literally were SCREAMING “GO GO! YOU CAN MAKE IT! YEAH GIRL! GO!!!!!! OW OW OW!!!!!” and some were taking pictures. I put my finger to my lips to communicate “shhh guyzz!” but what I meant was shut the fuck up you’re blowing my cover ahhhhhh fuckkk!

AT LAST I  made a break for it (“OH MY GOD GOOO GIRLLL YOURE THERE YOU DID IT YESSS YEAAHHH OH MY GODDD DOUBLE RAINBOW YEAAAH!!!”) and climbed into a bush to wait for a guard to go by.

…and wouldn’t you know it! But there were two naked butts in there! Two naked peeing girl butts! They were like “oh hayy! Don’t mind us. Did you see that bathroom line? Seriously, fuck that! That’s why we’re over here. Girl, did you just sneak in here? Wichyo skaytboard and shit? Damn girl don’t worry we gotcho back just walk back over with us there’s no guards over here!”

So, I was in.

I walked over and helped myself to a free Honest Tea. And a free bag of Popchips. And then I filled my backpack with Honest Aids and Teas. Perfect.

THEN. Went over to the MAIN STAGEEEE!

Rogue Wave was finishing up. Perfect.

Got in position for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

….and wouldn’t you know it but right next to me, on top of her dad’s shoulders, was the cutest little 5 year old girl I’ve ever seen.

…and wouldn’t you know it but her name was Katie!

…and wouldn’t you know it but Katie’s favorite band was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!

I thought it was just… neat… that somehow in the universe we came to be standing next to each other.

THEN THE MUSIC STARTED! and everyone danced and sang!

AND then before the encore I scooted up FRONTTTT!

AND THEN DURINGGG the encore I hopped the gate!!!!!!



PROOF 1: the back of Alex’s head because he’s saying goodnight to the crowd and I’m RIGHT BEHIND HIM

PROOF 2: the beautiful and spray painted piano (still smelled fresh–TASTY FRESH ART PIANO? ooooohhhh)

THEN I walked outside and I’m going to leave and whooooo is standing right in front of me? Jade!!! And mass people were taking pics with her and so I felt really corny doing it but everyone else was doing it so I felt less awkward but still it was weird but YESSSSS

I told her I saw her in Santa Cruz and the Rio and she said she loooves Santa Cruz and wants to go back. I asked her about the tree swing. She says she never got to go… but NEXT TIME!

BOOM. and then I skated to my truck and drove home and HERE I AM.


  1. perfect breakfast
  2. perfect family
  3. perfect friends
  4. perfect Leucadia Art Walk
  5. perfect new Arcade Fire “The Suburbs”
  6. perfect independence jamming while bodysurfing in warm water
  7. perfect lounging and reading Richard Brautigan and getting a good laugh
  8. perfect carne asada burrito and free soda and good conversation
  9. perfect paragliders and a strange new friend
  10. perfect mexican hot chocolate at a discount price!
  11. perfect wordless sneaky conversation
  12. perfect adventure sneaky goose attack
  13. perfect nakedness surprise
  14. perfect free goods
  15. perfect 5-year old little girl
  16. perfect and free Edward Sharpe
  17. perfect front row
  18. perfect getting to dance on stage
  19. perfect getting to talk to Jade and a perfect picture!
  20. perfect perfect perfect.

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