tell me the fart was worth it!


I don’t even know the story yet. Something about him in a parking lot playing with shopping carts?

God, can I just take a little moment to proclaim to the digital UNIVERSE how much I love my brother? This is the guy who picked on me, wrestled me, tortured me, was a horrible role model (according to my mother) for me since we met when I was four years old and he was eight. And how does it turn out that he’s the one I call when I’m at my lowest of lows? The one who will always reassure me that in the end we’re both good people, no matter the mistakes we make and learn from (or not) along the way. HE’S the one who will spend the extra bucks to go see Radiohead with me and HE’S the one who will pass jokes back and forth with me under our breath on the Santa Cruz streets. And HE’S the one that will talk to me late at night (“Oh, that’s all?! Jesus I thought you were pregnant or something! It’s okay though, I’m glad you called.”)

He’s also the one who was probably blacked out and ripped off the tip of his ring finger on some freaking shopping cart! Hahaha!

Leegio, if you’re reading this, this one’s for you (and forgive me for laughing!).

P.S. and get your ass out here for Brittany’s birthday so I can freaking see you!


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