new camera, new music

remember how I had this shweet olympus camera– supposed to take all the elements, but mayyybe not all the elements at once? especially after being in service for ~three/four years?

WELL, seeing as I have a job, and therefore have some actual money, I bought the new and improved version!

Now it can take 220 lbs of pressure!

It can dive to 33 feet! (Unlike the last one which could only go to a lamezor 9 ft)

Work at EXTREEEMEMEE temps!

Take HD video (unlike the last one which was low-D).

AND it has a wonderful wonderful warranty for two years to insure against ANYTHING– even sand (I made sure of that!)

I am a happy camper, tryin’ it out with the angles.

AND oh my god I also made the best music purchase in a looong time. The new gorillaz album, “Plastic Beach,” is AMAZING. Please somebody tell me they’ve listened to the whole album and not had their mind blown– BC I DON’T THINK THAT’S POSSIBLE. It is,



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