Errehbody errehwhere gather ’round and cross your fingers, say some prayers, make some burnt offerings, light some incense, make some shrines, or SOMETHING! ..because a really exciting thing might happen!

While I was in Corsica I was forwarded an email from my sci-diving professor about an “Open Casting Call for Sea Studios.” From what I gathered, there was a little production company run out of Monterey/Cannery Row that was casting for a young marine bio surfer/diver/athlete to play the part of a curious girl who finds an abandoned baby sea otter on the beach and follows it’s rehabilitation process all the way until it’s released back into the bay, with an environmental protection/action theme behind it all. Thinking it’d be really fun to do, and really funny if I ended up in a quirky video on loop next to the sea otter exhibit in the aquarium alldayerrday, I sent in the audition materials with the amazing help of…



However, just a few days ago, I got an email saying that I was one of the TOP FIVE CANDIDATES!!!! and I went in for an interview yesterday– unfortunately I’m sick and lost my voice butttt the interview was really successful and the two people I met were really really cool!

But the crazy part is this: its an actual full length feature film! Google the company “Sea Studios” and you’ll see that they’ve done gnar gnar, real deal, its whats up, environmental films and documentaries! One of them went for two seasons and featured Edward Norton as the host! Schwat!?

AND, if I get the part, which is looking pretty possible, I’ll be surfing, freediving, scuba diving, etc in it! Woohoooo tewww funnn! This is so big I might even take time out of school to shoot and advocate! WHAT? AM I EVEN TYPING THESE WORDS RIGHT NOW?

So chya, help me out here guys, come togetha with your good thoughts, and I’ll let you know next week what the verdict is!



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