My name is Katie McConnell, I’m 20 years old and attend UC Santa Cruz. I was born ‘n raised in Encinitas, and went to San Dieguito Academy High School. I think I first started being as cool as I am when I won my elementary school’s chess tournament in 6th grade. Then, in middle school, I really began cultivating my coolness by joining marching band (a step up from just regular band, which I had been in since 4th grade). In eighth grade, I invested into a huge white sequined belt-buckle, and wore it almost everyday. When I went to the dances, I sported a tiny glowstick in my mouth and played with it all night until it would break and the chemicals would get in my mouth. These days, I am a science major and spend a lot of my time doing homework and studying. I’ve toned down my coolness a little (so as to not hurt anyones feelings, of course), but I still do ride my bike with an english style equestrian helmet, and can whip out some unoriginal puns when the situation arises. Like what you read? I like long walks on the beach at sunset…


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